The Book List

I have a notepad file sitting in my documents folder that has a list of books. The list, for the most part, was written by my one of my best friends, Andy. Some of the books are classics (in his mind) while others are just slightly challenging books that he had enjoyed. Overall, they are all books that he thinks me and possibly everyone else should read in their lifetime.

Here’s the list:

The Lost Gate – Orson Scott Card
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen
Dracula – Bram Stoker (read)
House of Leaves (read)
Brothers Karamazov?- doestyvysky?
Ulysses – James Joyce
Paradise Lost – John Milton
The Divine Comedy – Dante
The Myth of Sysiphys? – Albert Camus
The Stranger – Albert Camus
The Rebel – Albert Camus (to read after brothers kara…)
Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad (read)
Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace
Slaughterhouse Five – Vonnegut
The Sirens of Titan – Vonnegut (read)
Blood Meridian – Cormac McCarthy
Mein Kampf – Hitler (surprised at this one)
Atlas Shrugged
First Man in Rome
In the First Circle
The Forgotten Legion
World Without End – Ken Follet
New York – Edward Rutherford
The Hollowmen – T.S. Eliot
The House of the Scorpion – Nancy Farmer
The Prince of Mist – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
The Night Strangers – Chris Bohjalian
Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (read)
Perfume – Patrick Suskind
Song of Ice and Fire series – George R.R. Martin – read/currently reading

Granted, some of these I added myself. I hope that I will be able to read all of these books.

Have a great night!


2 thoughts on “The Book List

  1. I recognize the classics and I think it’s a pretty good list. :)
    Your friend is apparently a big fan of Camus,so I’m quite surprised that there’s no Kafka here – Kafka being the one who inspired Camus most.
    Likewise,in my opinion,The Brothers Karamazov,often regarded as one of the greatest novels of all time,should be accompanied by Anna Karenina,a book of similar status.
    So you should probably give Kafka and Tolstoy a go as well! ;)
    But it’s a great list,and I’m sure you’ll love and learn much from these books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’ll add Kafka and Tolstoy … and I tried reading Brothers Karamazov, but I got a little lost and confused. My friend made me keep the book, so someday I’ll try it again! :)


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