I was having a conversation with a coworker yesterday about books, which ones we were currently reading, that sort of thing, when audiobooks came up.

She was telling me that she isn’t usually a big “intellectual” reader, where she usually reads books that tend to be easy reads, like John Grisham (her words). There was a book that she was really curious about, a book about a German guy during WWII. It was a big book, apparently, door stopper size. Our other coworker told her she should try the audiobook, since her commute to and from work is long.

Terrible idea. One, her commute tends to be the time where her mind wanders to various things – not exactly a great way to be trying to listening to a book. Second, while it could it have been this particular book, she found herself struggling to understand the book (especially since there were german words and accents involved) and she found herself having to rewind multiple times.

I have said in previous posts that I am a huge supporter of the physical book, but I don’t I could do an audiobook either. There are times, depending on the book, where I have to reread a paragraph or sentence, so having to rewind a lot would be annoying. But that brings up another question that came to mind during this discussion – is there a dangerous component to audiobooks, at least while driving?

Depending on the book, it seems that way. People get engrossed completely into books, sure not everyone does, but many do and that can lead to distracted driving, which everyone knows is dangerous.

If you have thoughts, comment! I would love to hear people’s thoughts on this!

Have a great Friday!! :)


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