Classic Book Number Three

The Giver by Lois Lowry. I remember reading this in sixth grade, I think, and remember greatly enjoying it. I decided to re-read it for my classic book list mainly because a movie based on it is coming out later this year. I am definitely glad that I did re-read it because I think I read it slightly different compared to when I was younger. Mainly, I think I thought more when reading this book. I think I was able to look at the world today and myself and wonder what it would be like if our world was like the one in The Giver.

It’s weird to think that at some level I can see the reasoning behind creating the Sameness. There are no choices, at least big ones that could have a major impact on society. There is no more risk, no more danger. If there is, the problem is immediately dealt with.

But as Jonas discovers as well, there are no feelings and major memories. No love. And without the good parts of life, there is a void, yet you wouldn’t know.

It is a very interesting concept. I think the people, the council, in the book think that they can still have a kind of Utopian world with balance. But I don’t think it’s a true balance.

We are meant to enjoy things in life, especially the little things, like colors.

Happy Friday!! and Easter! 🙂

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