Comfort Zone

Everyone has one. Every person’s comfort zone is different – some have very flexible zones and others have very inflexible zones.

I find myself in the middle. Sometimes I am ok with being more flexible with my comfort zone and other times I find it very hard to do so.

Right now, I am finding it hard to be flexible. I’m trying, but I still need to take a few more steps until I am more able to allow my comfort zone to be more flexible.

This topic popped into my head because yesterday I signed up with and joined a group. That’s the easy part. The harder part is actually RSVPing to something and showing up when you know absolutely no one.

And that isn’t terrifying at all.

In the months leading up to my college graduation last year and the few months after, I was determined (and stubborn), to move to Portland, to stay in Oregon. It made sense, the majority of my best friends were living in or moving to Portland. But this was when I had a plan – I was going to move in with one of close friends from college, I was going to get a good starter job, and I was going to have fun.

But of course, none of that happened. I got a few interviews, but none of them led to anything. My friend ended up wanting to stay and live at home for at least a year (where I was staying for the summer) so she could save money (totally understandable), and then I suddenly had a deadline for when I had to move out because my friend’s sister had to move back in (and I was staying in her room).

The one thing that did work out, was that I was able to have fun.

When September rolled around, I made the decision to move back home. I accepted the fact that my plan wasn’t going to end up happening. I learned that life will work out that way – you can make all the plans you want, but there is no guarantee that it will happen. Either way, learn to let your comfort zone be more flexible and go with the flow. You will probably be way less stressed out too!

So … my life has been less social since moving back home. I have only kept in touch with two of my closest and oldest friends from high school. I love them both extremely, but they both stayed in Southern California for college and formed many other friendships. I, on the other hand, have to kind of restart. I miss having a bigger group of friends to make plans with. However, I have become a little too comfortable, but I keep trying to remind myself that I’M 22 FOR GOODNESS SAKES!! I’m supposed to being have fun, growing, learning about myself and the world!

So here’s to me RSVPing and actually attending. Here’s to me making my comfort zone more flexible. :)

Have any similar stories? I would love to hear! :)


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