Words of Wisdom from Maya Angelou



In the wake of her passing, I (like many other people) wanted to share a quote to remember her by. There were so many amazing quotes to choose from, it was hard to pick just one. But I found this one, because I think it’s something that I need to remember for myself and I’m sure other people out there as well. It’s like her other quote where she says that you alone are enough, don’t do something to prove that you are good enough to others. You are enough and if you need to prove something, prove it to yourself. Success is something that really only yourself can measure. If you like where you are at in whatever aspect of life, then you are being successful. Just because someone else thinks that success is becoming CEO or whatever, doesn’t mean that you haven’t been successful if you aren’t where that other person is at.

We also need to remember to stop comparing ourselves to other people. Everyone is different!

What’s your favorite Maya Angelou quote/saying?


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