A Reflection

Today has started out as a very gloomy day at work. My coworker’s father unexpectedly passed away this morning.

I felt like I was in a scene of one of George R.R. Martin’s novels (probably a terrible analogy to make). In his novels, if you haven’t read them, anyone is fair game for death and Martin is the decider, the puppet master.

It made me think about how life feels like their is a ‘puppet master’ or sorts. Whether or now you believe in God or a God, when something happens unexpectedly, you feel like you aren’t in control. It seems like someone else is in control, someone who is pulling strings, or more often, cutting them.

I don’t necessarily think that what happens to us or someone else is completely out of our control – I do believe that we have some control over what happens, it just depends on what decisions we make.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Something that is hard to believe when a major loss is involved. Unfortunately, loss is something we will all face at some point in time, we just hope it happens decades from now.

I also believe that we meet people for a reason and the people in your life are there for a reason too. Because life is about a lot of things. It’s about living, of course, not just existing. It’s about loving and learning to love. It’s about learning – learning about yourself, others, the world. It’s about learning to go with the flow. It’s sometimes hard. It’s sometimes about loss. It can be frustrating.

Life is also what you make it to be. It is yours after all.

My co-worker’s loss this morning made me stop and think. I thought about how we never know what might happen today or tomorrow. Or even years from now. I thought about how there is a reason why people are constantly telling you to live your life to the fullest at every possible moment.

I hope everyone has a good, safe, and happy weekend while my thoughts and prayers are with my co-worker and her family.


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