Failure is a Strong Word

In the last couple of weeks, I have felt like I’m failing at several of the things that I decided to do. This is where failure could be a pretty strong word. I’m thinking, me being currently unsuccessful is slightly better.

Especially since they’re small things. I started this blog to document my pursuit to becoming a healthier and fitter me, in three aspects of my life. Part of it was for accountability and I think another part was putting it out there for whoever reads this to join my journey and learn along with me. For me the accountability part is key, especially since I think I have this habit of not finishing things that I started – most of them being random projects (I hope that’s all).

So, for accountability reasons, I think I need to list out some of the things that I said I would do or at least start and then go from there:

  1. The green tea challenge. Yeah, this was a pretty being flop on my part. I’m set in my routine in the morning. I get up, if I need to I set the curling iron on, I put the teapot on the stove, get dressed, do my hair, pour my water for tea, pack lunch, breakfast, finish making my tea, and then out the door. I’ve been having black tea with a dash of milk and sugar every morning for months now. It’s hard to break that. However, I did have green tea for a straight week, but then Sunday hit and I just wanted black tea. After that, I started to slip. I did learn something though! I like green tea and it’s still an option to drink. I guess just not every morning.
  2. Yoga at home. I really wanted to at least try to accomplish this, but it’s hard to come home after a long commute. When I get home, I usually just want to relax. Which is funny now that I think about it since yoga is about relaxing. Damn. This one I have to no excuse I guess. Maybe I should try to start just doing it once a week and then go from there.
  3. Eating healthier. For some reason, this is SO HARD! I’m not eating completely terrible, but I know I could be doing better. Right now, its the damn bucket of chocolate that is available to everyone in the office. And as everyone who knows me knows, I cannot control myself around chocolate. My willpower doesn’t exist when I know there’s chocolate available. It sucks, but then again it doesn’t because CHOCOLATE IS SO YUMMY!! I have a problem, clearly.
  4. Getting out my comfy shell and meeting some new people. The moment I read that last part, I said ‘ugh’ in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meeting new people, more often when the conversation is good and there are no awkward silences (of course – duh), but it’s the work that goes into it. It’s not the same as it used to be and its harder when you move away from where all your college friends are currently living.  I’m also hating it even more with my birthday coming up and only a few friends from high school to celebrate with :/ (I of course love my high school friends, but they also have a bunch of new friends).

So, that’s four things. That isn’t too bad, right? And a couple of them are small things, things that I shouldn’t sweat about so much. But the last two I think I really need to get going on, even if in baby steps.


Have any comments, suggestions, or stories of your own? Let me know! I would love to hear them!!

P.S. In the picture above, I’m not entirely sure what or who The Bloody Authority is …


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