Shaking Like An Earthquake

That’s what my Barre teacher last night said about me during class (though thankfully she didn’t directly point me out to the class, this is going to be embarrassing enough). I swear, almost every Barre class my muscles shake at some point.

And last night, my teacher’s description was accurate. During one of the exercises, she passed me and pushed me knee to have me plié deeper – and that’s when the earthquake in my legs started. She tried to still me my standing leg, she was telling me/ the class it was okay if you get shaking, she was telling me to use my core, which I was already doing. Let’s just say I didn’t stay in that deep plié for long. At least I know I was working my muscles, right?

After class though, I started thinking, why did my muscles start to shake so much? I mean I’ve been doing this class pretty consistently twice a week for about a month. So, last night and this morning, I did some quick research and found some answers to share with you from an article by Jay Cardiello on

1. Not enough sleep. If you head into a workout, cardio or strength, feeling lethargic or sleepy from lack of a good night’s sleep, your muscles will shake at some point. During the right amount of sleep, your body grows and heals. Your muscles won’t be able to properly heal after a workout if you don’t get the amount of sleep you need.

2. Going to the extreme. With workout regimes like Crossfit becoming more and more popular, pushing yourself to the extreme is also gaining popularity. However, you need to remember to be careful when doing an extreme workout or pushing yourself that far to prevent injury. You also need to remember to implement mandatory rest days during your week to allow your body to heal and rest properly as well.

3. Too new, too much, too soon. Like me when I first started working out, I started by jumping into a Barre class. My muscles hated me for that whole hour. Your muscles starting to tremor during a new, intense workout isn’t a cause for alarm, but remember to be careful and take it slow, your muscles will get stronger!

4. You’re dehydrated. Hopefully everyone knows this, but hydration is very important before, during, and after a workout (though from personal experience, don’t over water yourself). When your body is dehydrated, your muscles and connective tissue have a harder time of performing the task that you want them to perform – because improper hydration can cause an imbalance of electrolytes and lead to muscle contraction. We’re told to drink half our weight in ounces daily.

To read Jay Cardiello’s article on, click here.

So, if you start to tremor like an earthquake, now you know some of the possible reasons and can do something to prevent it from happening again! Stay healthy, happy, and safe!

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