To Write or Not To Write?

That is the question.

I always find myself having all of these story ideas, or just a scene, or a character stuck in my head. That piece of information always rolls around in my head, constantly pushing against my mind to get out. So the natural thing to do is to sit down at my computer and write.

I am pretty sure that I have started at least three different writing projects and never get past the first couple of chapters. Once it’s on paper (or digital paper in this case), that character or whatever it is, isn’t taking up so much room in my mind anymore. I tend to lose the drive to continue the story.

But this time it feels different. I really love the characters that I’ve imagined up and so far the world isn’t too bad and neither is the story, though those last two have a ways to go, I’m sure.

The problem, however, is that my original basic story, has some flaws and now I’m trying to figure out to rearrange the story to fix those flaws and still have a good story idea to take off with.

I’ve found some organization worksheets to use, so hopefully that will help me figure out why my main character is doing what she is doing.

We’ll see, I suppose! Also, if you have any suggestions for anything when it comes to writing, I am all ears!

Have a great day! :)


7 thoughts on “To Write or Not To Write?

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I never thought about that. I probably get away with my idea and want it to be possibly bigger than it is


    • That’s really good advice, thank you! I actually just did that yesterday, everything suddenly came out and I wrote a summary. Now I’m trying to make sure my protagonist and antagonist’s motives are believable


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