Skip The Selfie

Everyday during my morning break at work, I do a game of Sudoku and then browse the news on USA Today and Yahoo.

Today, while going through the articles on Yahoo, I cam across Yahoo’s Joanna Douglas’s    Think Twice Before Taking That Sexy Selfie. The article’s name itself caught my attention, so I clicked on the link. One of the first reasons why I kept reading, disregarding the huge photo of Kim Kardashian trying too hard (in my opinion), was that Oregon State University (my alma mater, Go Beavs!) published the study that the author was citing.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason why I kept reading. The concepts the study focused on was interesting. “The study enlisted 108 females aged 13 to 25 to critique and rate selfies based on if they found the subjects to be attractive, worthy of being a friend, or competent at completing a job.” The unsexy photos rated higher in all three categories. Surprised? I’m not and neither was Yahoo.

With so many celebrities partaking in this activity, of not only taking selfies in general, but sexy selfies, shows young girls and women that this ok, that this is what sexy looks like, this is what will get the most attention and likes.

Taking sexy photos of oneself to put on Instagram or Facebook was a major discussion point – we take those kind of photos because we’re thinking we’ll get the most likes for it and get the most attention from males, while other other females think lowly of someone putting that kind of photo up.

We’re always talking about changing these things to improve girls’ and young women’s self-concept and self-esteem, but how about actually doing something? Instead of choosing the photo where you’re doing a ‘sexy’ pose or the one of your bikini clad body, choose one where you’re doing a fun activity, one that shows what makes up a part of your beauty on the inside too?

It’s ok to choose those other photos from time to time, but I personally think that a genuine smile is way sexier and I would rather see someone’s beautiful face with their bikini clad body instead of just their body.

Link to article, here.

What’s your take on this? I would love to know! :)


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