100 Days

Yesterday was the hundredth day of my happiness challenge. I am so happy to say that I was able to find something that made me happy for a hundred days in a row. I won’t lie, at times it was a little hard to find something or be able to figure out what picture to take to represent what made me happy. I did it though. I proved to myself that there is always something that will make you happy and/or smile.

This challenge also showed me that the little things really do matter. Because you can’t get something big without adding a bunch of little things together. Every big picture has many smaller details. Another major lesson learned, something that I have been learning since graduating college, is not to get too mad, disappointed, or sad at things that I cannot control. I have always learned to adapt to the best of my ability and that lesson has definitely been cemented into my mind.

For me, it ranged from being able to lay on my bed after work and relax to finishing a project with my dad to hiking to what felt like the top of the world.

However, I also learned, that while many of my happy moments were related to smaller things in my life, they don’t just pop up every day – I had to actually do things, go out of my set routine sometimes. I realized that is what I should be doing.Ā I’m 23, in the middle of the time where everyone says you need to go out and do things, explore, meet new people, and travel if you can. All things that I hope I get more opportunities to do throughout my life, not just my twenties. I know that I will try more often to get out – though it will still be hard.


I hope what I learned has also helped you learn things as well.

Have any stories? I would love to hear them!

Have an awesome day! Be happy and healthy!


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