Follow Your Arrow

Your twenties is the time to ‘follow your arrow’, as the talented Kacey Musgraves sings about. I love this image of the arrow here instead of the overused path or road. It creates a new idea in my head too. I imagine the arrow being the main directive force behind where I am going. I’m still following a path or road, but the arrow can symbolize more than one thing in this setting. It can just be another way of saying path. It can portray the idea that to move forward you sometimes have to take a step back, which can be and mean a variety of things in its own way. It can simply be a sign, like a road sign, pointing the way to a particular place.

I  have had several conversations with friends (and family) about where it is I want to go and do. I have had many, many breakdowns and freak outs over what it is that I’m going to do with my life. I was, and still am, afraid that I might never figure it out or if I finally do, I’m afraid it’s going to be so far down the line in life, that at that point I will feel like its too late.

I’m told that these feelings are natural for someone my age. My twenties are the time to do a variety of things and work at a couple different jobs and figure out, not only what I want to do career wise, but also figure out more about myself – what makes me, me.

Those feelings are ones that I have felt since the middle of my freshman year of college. That’s almost five years now. Since graduating college, I have come to be ok that it may take another five years until I have things figured out. It’s still scary as hell, but it helps to know that I am not alone – friends are having these feelings too and I have a great support system.

From all of these many conversations, breakdowns, and freak outs that I have had over the last five years, I have learned to follow my arrow. I have done this by being myself, by working hard, and by just going for things. My mom has recently told me that she believes that I am on a good path and I believe it.

I love my current job, but I was hesitant when I accepted the offer. Technically, my job title is file clerk, but my day to day duties hardly ever have filing included in them anymore. The people that I work with quickly saw my potential and my hard work and dedication. My job has since evolved into an amazing job where I am constantly learning new things and have a many opportunities to do something different. By following my arrow, which may have been my gut in this instance, I have a job that I love surrounded by great co-workers. You never know what opportunities will arise if you don’t try something out – even if its just a small responsibility job. You just never know.

So, I hope this gives you some inspiration or gives you the encouragement that you may need. Go follow you arrow! :)


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