To Crazy and Back

I did something that I thought I wouldn’t ever do, I joined an online dating site. A few weeks ago I made a profile on OkCupid. I honestly didn’t have any expectations, I was just curious. Plus, its nice to talk to new people, even if many of those conversation ended up staying online through site.

Because of this somewhat spontaneous decision, I am now feeling very annoyed, frustrated, and above all, rejected.

I started to have a great conversation with one guy, which turned into a texting conversation, which then turned into two dates. And then, because of one text that I sent, nothing. I will say that I probably should have thought more about what that text would sound like to him, even if the way he took it was not how I meant it.

Like my best guy friend explained, our generation, and mostly our society, use texting as our main form of communication, something it is not really meant for. Texting is meant to be quick and for those who don’t have to time to call.

So, after not contacting this guy for several days (because he was on vacation), I finally texted him. No response. Several days later, yesterday, I texted him again. No response. I am completely convinced now that he’s no longer interested. But, it was between those two texts where that crazy girl started to come out – you know, the one where you start to check his online presence, which when you find he does in fact have his phone and isn’t busy and has been online which only makes you get crazier.

Luckily, I was only getting starting to get like this during one day, and my inner crazy girl was quickly knocked out after talking to my guy best friend about the situation.

So, what have I learned?

1. The needy, clingy, possibly crazy girl, is a legitimate thing and probably inside every girl. Some are probably way better at controlling her. I, apparently, am not as good as controlling it as I thought.

2. Texting sucks. For ‘new’ relationships. It sucks, because there are so many things that you have to be careful about, especially what you say, and if you make a ‘mistake’ like I did, there isn’t really any way to recover, at least not from my perspective.

3. In spirit of one of my good friends, Sarah, who is all about being amazingly positive, I say screw him, because I know I’m a catch and it’s his loss, not mine. I refuse to let this situation get me down.

If you have any great insight, I would love to hear it! Have an awesome day! 🙂

Also, while I was writing this, my Pandora station played I’m Crazy for You by Adele. I love it when music finds the perfect moment.

2 thoughts on “To Crazy and Back

  1. I tried plenty of dating sites. I know it sounds silly but the ones you pay for are better. The guys who generally go on these free sites don’t care too much about it. Those that invest some money into it are more likely looking for something serious. is the best in my opinion. I met my current boyfriend of 8 months on there and we are moving in together this month. I also met a couple of other really nice guys from there. I didn’t have very good results with okcupid.


    • I hear that a lot too, which totally makes sense. If they’re wiling to pay then they’re putting serious thought and time. I guess it’s an option to think about 🙂


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