Facebook “Cleanse”

This past Saturday I deactivated my Facebook account. I found it becoming a huge time sucker during my days. So I did the first thing that made sense to me: get rid of it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even last 24 hours. But not for the reason you may think. I didn’t log back in because I am an addict and I wasn’t strong enough to not give in and get my fix. The reason why I logged back in was because I wanted to share something with everyone, but not everyone has an Instagram account or reads this blog (if I were to put it up here), but the majority of the people in my life have a Facebook account.

I realized that, while the underlying problem of people wasting their time scrolling their Facebook feeds is the fact that they have a Facebook account in the first place, it’s also just because of overuse of Facebook. You might start out just bored and so you scroll through or you’re waiting for something or someone, so you start to scroll through. Before you know it, it has become a habit, something you do several times a day. And this is where this Facebook “cleanse” comes in. You deactivate for a certain amount of time or just as long as you can. But then you log back in and activate your account again and maybe post a status about it. And then maybe you go back to scrolling through, like nothing has changed.

This got me thinking, is the impact really beneficial on someone and their life to deactivate their account? I couldn’t really find an answer and I’m sure it’s different for every person.

Someone pointed out to me that Facebook has also become a huge form of communication for people, especially since friendships and other relationships can span across a nation or even across an ocean.

So, I find myself wondering how I should stop myself from just scrolling through during my days (I will point out that I only do it during my sanctioned breaks and lunch time). My mom suggested that I delete the app from my phone or just get some self control. I think it may end being a little easier now that I find myself aware of it sucking a lot of time. I guess I will have to see :)


One thought on “Facebook “Cleanse”

  1. […] The idea of detaching and unplugging is a fad that seems to come and go. Remember the time where a Facebook friend would warn you that they’re deactivating their FB for awhile? I will admit that I did myself a few times. The majority of those times was because I was in college and had studies to focus on. My most recent time was actually in October of 2014 and I even wrote a post about it: Facebook “Cleanse”. […]


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