Running and Reconnecting

Happy Monday! Or if it isn’t yet, I hope it becomes a happy Monday for you!

I meant to post something last week, but I didn’t quite catch inspiration for a post. Which can only mean that for this post, I have found that inspiration.

It first comes in the form of my decision to re-uptake training for a half marathon. Something I’m still very nervous and scared about. But, I have my mom training right along side me, so I’m hoping that will help – especially on race day.

To help prepare myself, I did some research and took the time to create a training schedule, with my personal training days included. I also made a blank schedule so I can log what I did on what days.

half marathon training schedule

half marathon training schedule log

My trainer gave me the homework assignment of just doing one mile last week, that’s it. I thought, yes, I can do one mile, it can’t be too bad. I wasn’t quite right. First, I had a small setback in the beginning. I didn’t the 1 mile run on Friday, BUT I did do a roughly 3 mile hike in Malibu on Saturday, in the glorious rain, with my sister. Sunday morning I got my sister to do the mile run with me.


Creating the schedule was like a baby first step for me towards this new goal. Actually going out and running that first mile, no matter the time it took, was taking a bigger step forward. Running is simply just taking one step at a time, continuously moving forward, and – as my sister told me, is all about mind over matter.


I am determined to at least continuing to try to reach this goal because I want to be able to tell people, proudly, that I ran and finished a half marathon because I wanted too and because I kept telling myself that I could. Plus, I have my mom, sister, and personal trainer helping and supporting me (and I don’t want to say, at some point, that I’m just giving up).

So, although running is a big, new thing in my life, I decided, on the first of the year, to reconnect with someone. Someone greater.

I decided, as a small step to figuring out the different things in my life, to read the whole Bible by the end of the year. To do this, I knew I would need a little help. The little bit of help comes in the form of the Bible app. Within this app, I signed up for the Bible in a year reading plan. The reading plan sets up what chapters of what books I’m going to read, which is immensely helpful!

I definitely feel like I’m moving forward, I might still be at the pace of a turtle instead of a cheetah, but at least I’m not moving backwards.

“Running is so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.” – Arthur Blank


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