Something to Remember

I was again reminded last night that life isn’t linear; we don’t live life by following a straight path. I mean, maybe some do, but most of the time we find ourselves in front of a fork in the road, a decision to be made – left or right. Life’s path tends to be one lived in a non-linear way; zig zag.

The path becomes a zig zag based on the decisions we make throughout the course of life. We make a decision that takes us left, when maybe we originally thought we would go right. Or vice versa. Or our original plan, our ‘Plan A’, didn’t work out, so we end up on a different route with a different ‘plan’, one that could end up not working as well.


Which, as so many people constantly say and remind me, is absolutely okay! Right now, it’s something that I have to remind myself every day, which sometimes is hard to do, but if I don’t or if I start to think about parts of the future too much, I start to overthink and stress about it. The silver lining of having to go through that, is I learned something: I learned that thinking about the future and trying to plan it only goes so far and isn’t exactly beneficial for me.


From that learning experience, I changed. I stopped thinking, worrying, and stressing about the future so much, which I might add is still a work in progress, but I have come a long way in the last few years; I grew! From the many experiences and lessons over the last several years, I have grown into what I hope is a better person, a better version of myself :)

As the quote above states, all of life and its many experiences are all ways of continuously growing – they never stop.

The thing that I will learn from every decision that I will make, whether it works out or not, will far exceed in importance compared to the actual decision that was made.

Here’s to a great long weekend! :)


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