Here I Stand

Here I stand
on a solid path
hard packed dirt or asphalt – who knows.
The wind
its disguise ever changing between fear and certainty
surrounds me
giving a push or pull
but I always find myself pulling back
not ready to make a decision.

I may stand here
with fear and anxiety
at the crossroads of life
half shrouded in darkness of unknown
not one path revealing itself
to be better or worse
right or wrong.
I may stand here
surrounded by the unknown
the new, the strange, the uncharted,
tendrils of fear
pushing, pulling, prodding
but at least I stand 
With new strength forged each day –

With that strength comes courage
courage to take a step
or two – no matter how small
no matter where the path leads
no matter how long or short that path is
because at least I will take a step.

But today I take comfort
for here I stand
nearly ready.

© Nicole Ilene – Learning to Hopscotch


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