The first image that comes to mind when I hear the word traveling is one of my young self running around my dining and living rooms, carrying a stuffed doll – which may have been Mickey Mouse – from Bunco table to Bunco table, giggling and smiling from ear to ear.

That same smile and sense of joy and desire comes with the second image: of faraway places that I’ve never been to, people I have yet to meet, and adventures that are waiting for me … castles, mountains, waterfalls, white sand beaches, small cafes overlooking a river or city … the list goes on.


I am excited for this year because it holds the promise of travel, more than what I was able to do last year. The first trip? Phoenix, AZ. This weekend. I am very excited, to say the least. I get to see two of my close friends from college. One is flying down from the Bay area to drive over with me to visit the other in Phoenix. We’re going to have roughly 3 1/2 days of fun, laughs, and adventure. And probably good food too 🙂

I briefly outlined where I wanted to go this year in my New Year’s post 2015: Reflections & Resolutions. I am excited that I will also be able to visit Portland, OR twice this year, Lake Tahoe again, hopefully Vancouver, BC (fingers crossed!), and now another possible family vacation at the end of the year! So many possibilities and options! My goal this year is to travel to at least one new place; it doesn’t matter how far away or how close because there is so much to see that the world has to offer. So many amazing things, and like my trip this weekend, it’s better with friends 🙂


As I was looking up travel and related quotes, I came across a few that talked about how you should collect moments, memories, and stories rather than material things; you should build a life, not a resume, etc. I realized as I read all these quotes and sayings that I used to be more concerned about being monetarily stable and always doing things and making decisions the “smart way” – whatever that may mean.

I have always been a planner; I have always looked too far ahead into the future. I have gotten immensely better at not trying to plan everything out or even having a great expectation of what is supposed to happen. I know I still have a little bit of a ways to go, but I expect that it will become a constant learning experience for me.


The above quote is something that I must constantly remember. Yes, I want to have a stable job and earn money, but only to give myself stability – a roof over my head, food, etc – but also in order to do all the things that I want to do in life: travel, food, whatever it may be from month to month. I don’t want to look back on my life and see that I all accomplished was showing up to work every day.

So, the first step is to travel, but within my budget haha. Are you going anywhere exciting in the next few weeks? Share! 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend! I hope to share a couple new food posts with you …

All images I found via Pinterest.

The first image is originally from Thyme is Honey (Instagram and Twitter @Thyme_is_Honey)
The second image took me to’s Favorite Things Friday
he third image is originally from Earmark Social Goods, but was pinned via Bear and Lion Mama
y featured image (which I’m not sure you can see) I found via Google.

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