No Difference

“It doesn’t make a damned bit of difference who wins the war to someone who’s dead.”

– Joseph Heller, Catch-22

I recently just read this quote in the book. I’m sharing it because it’s a line that struck me when I read it the first time and as I read it now. It kind of reminded me of the dark side that always seems to be lurking, but sometimes we  – or I (I’ll speak for myself) – forget that it’s there, even with things like war. One joins for the good of the country, to aid and protect us – and others – but the thought of the dangers of war and the possibility of major injuries, sickness, or death is never at the forefront of one’s mind, until that possibility is right in front of them.

The only thing the quote gets wrong is that it does and would make a difference to one’s memory and efforts. If their side loses after they die, there’s that possible feeling of having died for nothing.

So far this book has been an interesting read and I look forward to when I finish reading.


2 thoughts on “No Difference

  1. Interesting take on the quote! I actually interpreted it as saying that war is a futile thing because we waste and destroy so many lives and in the end, the living are only left with mourning for loved ones.
    Thanks for sharing! :D


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