Putting Pen to Paper

Or in this case, putting fingers to keyboard.

Many months ago I pondered the idea of trying to write a book, something I talked about in my post To Write or Not to Write. I find myself thinking up a character or two, or a world waiting to be built and talked about, or simply one scene that makes me want to investigate what happened before and what happens after.

But I always found myself struggling to stay focused or organized. There was always too much inside my mind, all of them pushing and yelling to get out and onto paper, be it a post-it note or lined paper.

This last weekend, however, I thought of a new story, a variation of one that I thought of before, one that made me equally excited. And I actually sat down and wrote out the first chapter! Even if this is as far I get (even though I have started the second chapter and wrote out more in an outline), I am still immensely proud of myself for actually sitting down and making time to do this.

I haven’t decided how much I would really love to be published, but for now I’m not letting that distract me. Right now, I would love to just completely finish the story!

Feature image is from the Grammarly website.


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