Wisdom #14 – Perfection

I’ve decided to bring back Wednesday Wisdom! I hope to be able to do it every week, so let’s hope I do :)

Today’s wisdom comes from Erich Maria Remarque. His All Quiet On The Western Front is my current classic novel read, so I figured picking a quote from him would fit well.

“Life did not intend to make us perfect. Whoever is perfect belongs in a museum.” 

I love this. There is a lot of talk about perfection and what it means, how to achieve it, etc. But as the quote suggests, life itself isn’t perfect, so why should humans be expected to be? Plus I believe that much of what people state as ‘perfect’ really just amounts to their own personal checklist of what would qualify as perfect. Like many things, one’s idea of perfection tends to be very subjective.

Happy reading!

Quote found on Goodreads.com


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