What is perfect? What does it mean to be perfect? Why is something imperfect?

I ask these questions as a result from watching a video that Blogilates fitness trainer Cassey Ho posted that a writer reposted through Elite Daily, under the tag and topic, F*ck Body Shaming (love that tag, by the way).

I’m not sure if I could describe my feelings while watching the process Cassey Ho goes through in the video, but I can definitely tell you what I felt when I saw the end result, her supposedly perfect and beautiful body, deemed so by society’s standards: gross.

Gross? Yes, gross, ew, ick, etc. Why? Because her “perfect” body looked not only exaggerated, and of course unrealistic in some ways, but it also looked unnatural.

I just want to scream in frustration to people who body shame others or even themselves – whether they do so publicly or inside their own heads – is that everyone is different, all the way down to genetics. As many know, that means that every person’s body reacts differently and takes shape differently. Some people naturally have bodies that show off their muscle’s definition while others have to work their butt off to get the same result.

Why do people keep forgetting that? Why do people keep forgetting that you’re beautiful for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that you are an individual; true, we all have common traits, but there is always something different, big or small, that sets us apart from each other. And it is that difference that makes someone beautiful. You just have to own it.

I know this subject has been dominant in the media for a long time now, especially with the tag lines of “love who you are” and “you are beautiful no matter what”, and this may seem pointless to read, but there has to be reason why it’s still allover the place.

Is it because so many people just aren’t listening? Or lie when they agree?

I agree with the above tag lines, but it’s also true that the individual has to want it and want to believe it for it to become true for that person. I believe confidence is a part of that too.

There’s also that timeless saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Since I was curious about what the definition of perfect is, I turned to Google. According to Google search when I asked for the definition, perfect is:

1. Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics

– free from any flaw or defect in condition or quality
– highly suitable for someone or something; exactly right

To me, the word ‘required’ implies that what is needed to be perfect is set in stone, by whatever standards, but the word ‘desirable’ seems to imply that those standards are not set in stone and it highly depends on the person or people looking for perfect (which I believe is absolutely true) and ties back into the saying of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

The video asked a powerful question at the end: “What would you change?” It also implies asking the equally critical second question: “And would you ultimately be happy with the change(s)?”

Sure, I can name several things that I would love to change right now, but to me it’s all speculative, never to become a reality. And you know what, I am absolutely okay with that. Ultimately, I cannot change who I am, and why would I? I’m unique in my own great way, so why would I want to change to be similar to someone else (and most likely unhappy) and be beautiful determined by a society that is constantly changing?

Plus the major things that I want to change, I’m changing right now by my own willpower, because I want to be healthy and strong, elements that I think help dictate beauty. Looking better, whatever that may look like, is just a by-product, a result from all of my hard work.

I am the way I am, I look the way I look, and if you don’t like it, that isn’t for me to worry about.


I love me because I’m awesome! :) Now go love you, you awesome, amazing, unique, and beautiful person and show the world what you’re made of!


The Elite Daily article can be found here.

The link to Cassey Ho’s and the blogilates site can be found here

Featured image found through Google image search. Quote picture I also found through Google image search.


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