My No ‘Poo Adventure: Intro

As promised, here is my first great post about my experiment with hygiene and food! Did you guess that I meant the two would go together? Because yes, I put food in my hair, but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Hopefully.

I discovered something a couple weeks ago. It’s this thing called no-pooing, as in forgoing all commercial shampoos (and conditioners). From what I could tell, this bandwagon has been driving all over the place for several years now. That wagon was driving by and I decided to hop on.

The most common method is to use a baking soda and water solution to clean hair and an apple cider vinegar and water solution as conditioner. However, as I dug a little deeper, many people found that after awhile their hair started to feel damaged again. A little more research and I discovered it all comes down to chemistry sounding stuff and the natural pH of our scalps. To sum it up short, baking soda and ACV are too far apart on the pH scale and damage hair in the long-run.

As many of the bloggers would attest to, our scalps have a pH, usually around 4.5 – 5.5, and all those commercial shampoos are the main reason why our scalps end up unbalanced, resulting in a host of problems. No only that, but have you read your commercial shampoo and conditioner’s ingredient label?! Unless you’re already on this bandwagon, I suggest you go read them ASAP. SLS, other sulfates, Silicones, parabens, and a bunch of other chemicals I can’t pronounce. Apparently we have to read the labels on everything now. Commercial shampoos strip your scalp and hair of its natural protective oils, which is why a couple days later you need to shampoo again because your scalp started to overcompensate in its oil production.

IMG_1458My old commercial shampoo and conditioner

I decided to do this experiment because for as long as I could remember, I’ve never really been happy with my hair. I have type 2A wavy, thick, coarse, and seemingly always frizzy hair. I love my natural waves, I just wanted less dry and frizzy hair that was at least semi-smooth. While my hair naturally waves when drying, I always have to curl it in the end in order to have longer lasting waves. If I could find a way where my hair would dry the way I curled it and stay that way for a few days without getting too oily, I would be insanely happy!

I initially discovered the no ‘poo method when I discovered Julianne Hough’s blog post about an amazing honey and coconut oil deep conditioner (that I have yet to try but want to do so badly!).  From there, I was suddenly in full research mode about better and more natural ways to clean and condition my hair.

What did I decide on, you ask?

Honey shampoo! Honey, seriously? I can just imagine the incredulous look you might be giving your computer screen right now – it probably looks like the one my mother gave me when I told her the same thing. But I wanted to try this, so I decided to not let anyone’s reaction deter me.

I’ve been using Lauren at Empowered Sustenance’s DIY Honey Shampoo recipe. It’s super easy and takes me all of five minutes tops to make, so I make the shampoo as I need it. You will need a jar of organic raw honey, filtered water, essential oils of your choice, and a small bottle.


After my usual Saturday run last weekend, I headed over to Vitamin Shoppe and picked up the above ingredients. I made sure to get an organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil (for future uses), organic raw honey, lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil. For the bottle, I decided on a travel, FSA- Approved bottle from target.


DIY Honey Shampoo Recipe

1 tablespoon of honey
3 tablespoons of filtered water
I did two drops of each essential oil

*Remember to only make as much as you’ll use within a week, some have seen their shampoo grow mold after a week because the water dilutes the honey and allows for fermentation. The above recipe makes enough shampoo for one use for my shoulder length hair. I would suggest trying to make slightly more if you have longer hair.

  • Scoop the honey into a bowl or small pot and then add the water. You want it to be watery and the honey completely melted. I had to heat the mixture for the honey to melt, which I did over the stove the first time, but then just did 10 seconds in the microwave, so make sure to use a microwave safe container!
  • I usually let it cool for 30-60 seconds and then add the essential oils, 2 drops each.
  • Mix well
  • Pour into the container you’ll be using (I waited until mostly cool, since I wasn’t sure if the plastic bottle would melt or not)
  • Once in the shower, wet hair with warm water – if you’re brave enough it’s better to use cooler water since it will help lock the moisture in your locks and help prevent frizz
  • Focus on putting the honey shampoo on your roots
  • Massage your scalp well
  • Once I have my scalp covered and massaged, if I have any leftover, then I run the mixture over the rest of my hair
  • Rinse well

As far as I could tell, I haven’t had a clear sign if I get all of the mixture out or not.

Why Honey? Why Lavender & Lemon?

Honey has amazing benefits for our overall body, inside and out, so it’s only natural that it would do great things for our hair:

  • Honey’s pH is around 4, making it a better option in helping our scalp stay pH balanced and helps fight dandruff
  • Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and antifungal
  • Compared to commercial shampoos, honey won’t strip your scalp and hair of its protective oils, helping the hair become less oily over time as the scalp stops over-compensating with oil production
  • It is an amazing moisturizer for the hair creating softer hair and significantly less frizz!

There are a wide variety of different essential oils used for hair, all of which have different benefits. I chose lavender because it smells nice, it’s a natural scent for relaxation, and is good for normal, dry, or oily hair. I chose lemon because of the scent as well but also because it’s full of antioxidants and it’s a natural cleanser and purifier.

Look out for my first week experience this weekend!


3 thoughts on “My No ‘Poo Adventure: Intro

  1. I washed my hair with a honey scented shampoo once and the bee’s would not leave me alone until I washed my hair again! Everywhere I went..bee’s would come flying towards me!!! Be warned lol!


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