Book Review: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Girls in White Dresses is the debut novel by Jennifer Close and gives great insight into what the life of a twenty-something woman navigating life after college looks like.

The novel mainly follows three friends Isabella, Mary, and Lauren who feel like everyone they know is getting married and then having babies. It follows them through their romantic, career, and social lives and where each of these lead them.

41Y0xCnJqqLI initially bought this book because it sounds like what my life might turn into soon. I already have three invites to weddings happening within in the next few months. Another wedding happening next summer. One friend has already been married for a year. I have a few close girlfriends in serious relationships that I have no doubt will end up in marriage at some point.

This novel was very relatable, something that I value a lot more now when reading a book. Jennifer Close does a great job of creating realistic characters and situations. While the ending didn’t end necessarily with a ‘happily ever after’, I found the ending to still be happy because the three girls finally realized their own happiness, even if they still decades ahead of them; even though they didn’t necessarily know what would happen the next day.

A message that I am constantly trying to remember: everyone’s lives are different so everyone will travel different paths; there will be ups and downs, but in the end, you are the creator of your own happiness – or unhappiness – but it’s all you.

I definitely recommend this novel to anyone, but in particular, anyone in their twenties – or even any age – if they find themselves in a different place than their friends.

I look forward to reading her other novel ..

Happy Reading <3 Nicole


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