I dream of a not so distant future. It’s one so sweet I beam with anticipation, a scene usually reserved for the chocolate shop. I dream of a new address, outfitted with a front porch, its purpose a social one. I dream of being surrounded by the greatest of friends with the whole world at our feet and life’s adventures, waiting to be had.


This dream that I have may not be as big as the most famous one from decades ago, but it’s a big one in my seemingly small world. It’s one thing to have a dream, entirely another to set forth and have it come to fruition. Standing in this thoughtful phase, I find myself terrified yet thrilled. But I find that, for me, it is a step that must be taken. I dwell in a comfort zone surrounded by a safety net. Comfort and safety is great – and welcome, but there comes a time when letting go of those things for a time is better.


I have a spirit that wishes to travel with the wind, but a mind that holds fast to practicality. My heart wishes to split in two to appease them both. I constantly hear the call of the mountains and the whisper of its winds; the forests beg to be explored by my foot and the rain wishes to cleanse. There are moments of bliss to be had and warm smiles to be exchanged.


What does one do but find that place?

What does one to do when that place is already found?


Adventures picture is from adventrous quotes tumblr 

lifeguard post and Tahoe mountain whispers pictures are from my own instagram

belong quote picture I found through Google, can’t remember where it’s originally from


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