A Smudge on the Cheek

A beautiful post filled with beautiful words. Read this and have an amazing day <3

all-purpose and semi-sweet

“You have to teach yourself to soothe your loneliness, at least some of the time, with your writing. That’s why you’re a writer in the first place, isn’t it? Because you’re sensitive and smart and you feel lonely A LOT. You have a lot to say. You have a lot to mull over. Pour those feelings onto the page at least once a day. Remind yourself of who you are and what you love. You are a writer because you write. Keep writing. Work hard at your own peculiar stuff, the stuff you do like nobody else. Your book has a birthday; you just don’t know what it is yet.” -Cheryl Strayed

“You don’t have to choose between BECOMING SOMEONE IMPORTANT and NEVER AMOUNTING TO MUCH. That’s a bullshit way of looking at yourself.” -Cheryl Strayed


“I hope when people ask what you’re going to do with your English and/or…

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