Something New

It has become increasingly difficult to stay on top of two blogs. Upon realizing this, I noticed that I tend to look forward to writing for my other blog more. If you’re thinking that I’m going to get rid of this blog, I want to stop you right there.

I’m not. Kind of. I plan on merging my two blogs together, so that everything will be under my other domain name, Sorry I’m Booked. You probably guessed that my other blog is mainly centered around books, but I have it figured out where I won’t have to change the other name. I even have my tagline pretty much figured out.

I’m hoping that it will be a smooth process, one that I hope to complete this Thursday night. But since I’ve read that I may not be able to take all the pictured and media with my posts, it may take longer, but I guess I’ll see.

I also don’t know if all my followers will automatically be added onto my other blog or be redirected or what. Either way, I will find a way for you to have the link to the other blog once everything is done.

Has anyone used the export and import tool for WordPress to merge two blogs together? Advice and tips would be great! :)

<3 Nicole


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