Running Chronicles: Long Beach Half Marathon 2015

My first non-bookish post since merging, yay!

I hurt today. It seems like all of my muscles are hurting. The stairs hate me or I hate the stairs – it feels the same.

Yesterday was the JetBlue Long Beach Half Marathon/ Marathon 2015. I ran the half marathon, my second of all time. I am simply to have just ran the whole time, regardless of pace, and finished. Unfortunately, I did not PR, but that wasn’t really a priority for me. While it would have been nice to PR, even if it was just a minute, but the weather was unexpectedly very hot. My original start time was supposed to be 7:30 am, when the temperature would have been sunny and mid-seventies, jumping 10 degrees around 8 am.

That would have been absolutely miserable! Luckily, because a heat advisory was issued, half marathoners who were not running to qualify, were given the option to start at 6 am with the marathoners. And thank goodness for that! Though I felt bad for those running the half marathon as a qualifier – I can’t imagine having to run in yesterday’s heat!

And now, I am happy to be in recovery. I even decided to skip my usual Monday training session to rest. I found this great recovery week plan from LIVESTRONG that I hope I can follow as closely as possible. And I look forward to not having crazy early and long Saturday morning runs for a couple weeks haha.


My medal :)

So, are any of you runners? Have any running tales or races that you want to share? Let me know in the comments! :)

<3 Nicole


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