Top Ten Tuesday: Book Genie, I Wish …

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week’s topic is such a classic and I love it! Contemplating what you’re three wishes – or in this case, ten – would be if you rubbed a lamp and a genie popped out has come in many conversations with friends over my lifetime. Although, if the genie was anything like Robin Williams’ (God rest his soul) version from Aladdin, I think I would be content just having him around.

Anyways, back to this genie …

Book Genie, I wish …

That everyone person, especially children, have access to any and all books – if they wish to read. Attached to this would be for people to have access to better education and return better reading and comprehension skills, because as we all know, reading is a great joy and I only wish that anyone who wants to have that joy can have it without any obstacles.

To have a magical door that would allow me to enter any and all great libraries and bookstores of the world. I have seen plenty of pictures of amazing libraries and bookstores that are just waiting for me to explore and bask in the beauty. I’ve only seen a couple and there are so many more!

Thinking of that … I want a library like the one from the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast. Or really any huge room filled with books and a grand fireplace and comfy seats to lose the day in.

That making books, considering the products used to make them, would no longer be harmful to the planet. Like many readers, I prefer holding the actual book rather than read an e-version. I just wish that books didn’t have to be made of paper or that forests had to die.

That any movie or TV versions of books stopped messing up plot lines, characters, and pivotal parts of the books. I know that many fans always have different reactions to the live action versions of books, but I know I’m not alone when I say that messing up or getting completely wrong or not even including certain scenes, details, or characters (Lady Stoneheart anyone?!) is a huge no-no and is greatly upsetting. When that happens I have to treat the movie or TV show as completely separate from the book, which annoys me to no end.

To be able to instantly have whatever book I want. Hey, a girl can dream right?!

To be able to meet and have awesome conversations with some of my favorite authors. The books wouldn’t be around if weren’t for them.

To be able to start and actually finish a book of my own. Not sure if this one counts, but might as well.

To be able to stay up late any night and not feel exhausted when I wake up in the morning. Reading into the late night just means more reading time.

To not get always get so emotional while reading some books. Okay, so if I really want to cry during a book, it just means the author is awesome at writing, but I feel a little crazy getting so worked up over a fictional character or two. I just finished a book where this happened.

Okay, so those are my ten wishes! I’m surprised that I had to actually stop to think a couple times. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go rub a bunch of lamps or bookend or something and hope a genie pops out.

Happy Reading!

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