Running Chronicles: Morning Runs & Eating

My running in the last month has been absolutely terrible. A lot of that, I think, has to do with the fact that I’ve been having stomach and eating issues, particularly in the morning.

This has completely screwed up my normal eating habits, and I suspect, my metabolism as well. I haven’t been eating enough calories each day either.

I’ve gotten better in the last week, but I’m still at the point where I am really frustrated and annoyed. And worried with the amount of weight I’ve lost.

All of this has me confused on what actually works for me as a runner, especially since my only morning run happens Saturday morning; it’s also my long run.

I haven’t run a lot which also worries me because I have my third holiday themed 10k in a week and my third half marathon happening in the beginning of February. And I don’t feel prepared at all.

Most research that I’ve done indicates that for a longer run, you should eat something beforehand. Which would be fine, if I didn’t mean me eating at 6am.

One Runners World article says (though I will point out it was written in 2009):

For a run longer than an hour but at a relaxed pace, you may only desire a small breakfast bar or couple slices of toast. However, if a speed workout or a long run is on the schedule, you may find it beneficial to wake an hour and a half early or more for a small meal. Consuming a 300-500+ calorie breakfast will fuel you for the greater glycogen demand these types of tougher runs require.

A Livestrong article points out the following regarding not eating before a morning run:

Running without eating … can eat away at your endurance and leave you fatigued. People who don’t eat prior to exercise in the morning, or who fast for 12 hours prior to exercising, might find their workout to be less satisfying and more rigorous than people who had eaten before exercising.

In terms of what you should eat, the same Livestrong article suggests for the early riser:

… low-fat foods that are high in carbohydrates and contain a moderate amount of protein and [are] between 400 and 800 calories. Toast, fruit, cereal and bagels are good options.

While for the not-so-early-riser, try a carbohydrate drink or energy gel. Because nausea and cramps during a run is not fun if you don’t give yourself enough time to digest.

And make sure to get a good post-run meal in within a hour of finishing.

So, with all this information, maybe I should look in a carbohydrate drink?
Any runners out there with advice or suggestions? What do you for a morning run?

Happy Running!

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3 thoughts on “Running Chronicles: Morning Runs & Eating

  1. Hi there! I struggle with this sometimes. I run every single day, and my calorie intake ranges from high to low. I understand… I worry about my weight sometimes as well. Being very active and healthy come with the territory though. Have a wonderful day!

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