2016 Alphabet Reading Challenge

I saw a post by Kendra over at Reads and Treats on doing a reading challenge called the Alphabet Soup Challenge. After reading her post, I instantly wanted to do it.

I’ve never really done a reading challenge before considering I only started this blog two years ago and mostly because I made the Classic Reading list for myself (which is sort of a challenge) and wanted a way to talk about it.

So not only am I going to attempt this challenge, but I also finally remembered to do the reading challenge through Goodreads!

This Alphabet Challenge is originally hosted by Escape with Dollycas.


This challenge will run from January 1st, 2016 until December 31st, 2016. You can join anytime. You do not have to review the book. Books can come from any genre.

It is suggested that you make a page or a post or a GoodReads shelf where you can keep track of your spoonfuls. Each spoonful equals a book read (as far as I understand it).

Crossovers to other challenges are allowed and encouraged! 

It’s an alphabet challenge!!! The challenge is to read one book that has a title starting with every letter of the alphabet. You can drop the A’s and The’s from the book titles.

The First Main Word Needs To Be
The Letter You Are Counting

However, for the letters Q, X AND Z, the word that starts with the challenge letter can be anywhere in the title (but points to you if you find a book that starts with those letters!) Books can be read in any order and all formats – print – e-book – audio – are acceptable for this challenge!

I’ve been working on my list for a day or two now and I have every letter filled out for what I’m going to read:

A     Anna Karenina
B     The Bitter Kingdom or A Bride in the Bargain
C     Cat’s Cradle
D     Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse
E      Every Last Word
F      The First Bad Man
G      Gone Girl
H     Harriet the Spy and/or Heir of Fire
I       Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? or Ink and Bone
J       Just One Day
K      The Killing Lessons
L      The Last Oracle
M     Modern Romance
N      The Neighbors are Watching
O      One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
P       Persuasion or Passenger
Q      Queen of Shadows
R      Red Moon or Rook
S      Spark
T      This Is Where It Ends
U     Under Different Stars
V      Velvet Undercover
W     Wolf in White Van
X      Six of Crows
Y      Yes Please
Z      Zel

I’m still not sure about my choices for the letters P, U, Y, or Z – so if anyone has good suggestions for those letters, let me know!

This challenge will also help me finally read a lot of the books that have been sitting on my bookshelf just waiting to be read.

Happy Reading!

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7 thoughts on “2016 Alphabet Reading Challenge

  1. This is such a fun challenge! I hadn’t heard of it either, but I understand why you’re doing it! Gone Girl seems like a really good choice. I’m really anxious to read that one as well. I’ve got Anna Karenina on my TBR too.


    • I wish I had known about it before! Yes, I want to read Gone Girl before even thinking about watching the movie. I’ve heard many like Anna Karenina because it’s always relatable. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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