Books to Look Out For In 2016

I recently started perusing various content websites again and discovered a new one: The Odyssey Online through a friend. I believe that the website or at least the authors are all in college and are a part of the Greek system at their school (I could definitely be wrong).

Anyways, I was looking through articles tagged books and came across one about the different books you should look out for this year (2016).

A couple of the books that I wanted to note here:

The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel

For some reason the description the author gave of this book made me think of Gabriel Garcia Marquez – about how beautiful of a writer Martel is. I’ve never read Life of Pi, but I kind of want to now.

This book has 69 ratings with an average of 3.62.

Hystopia by David Means

A historical alternate timeline/ universe about what the world would like if Kennedy was never assassinated. I’m usually not one to instantly grab for a historical based novel, but this one sounds pretty interesting.

There are two ratings for this book on Goodreads for five stars.

Check out the rest of the Caitlin Shannon’s article on The Odyssey here.

Have you heard of either of these? Has anyone read Life of Pi? Anyone have these two (or the others) on their TBR list?

Happy Reading!

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