My Horoscope: Gemini

I’ll admit it, reading my horoscope is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. I know that they’re written to be just broad enough to apply to anyone and their current situation, so I know not to always take what they say to heart. Especially since there are many different websites out there that write horoscopes and they’re all different.

However, I don’t think they should necessarily be pushed completely aside and forgotten about. What I like about reading them is that they tend to be thought-provoking, for me at least. They’re just broad enough that when I read my horoscope, my mind can go in various directions. Whatever is at the forefront of my mind, is what I’ll try to connect to the horoscope. I may think of something new that I want to do or get insight into an internal struggle I’ve been having. Whatever it may be, reading a horoscope may just be the jumpstart that I need.

I haven’t actuallyread my horoscope consistently in the last year, but I randomly thought of it today and so I don’t have one particular website that I go to. I do want to note that I truly believe that I am the embodiment of a Gemini, which makes this all the more fun!

The following Gemini Horoscope(s) were taken from

The 2016 Year

You’re a rising star in 2016, Gemini, but it will keep constant effort to avoid slipping back down. Are you up for this? Of course you are!

Your attention is zeroed in on making progress, getting and holding on to those things you love most, and on not being rushed into making decisions. This year, you will ask all the right questions and refuse to proceed without solid answers and information.

The Mercury retrograde periods in May and then in September may be your most accomplished and solid times. September is especially potent. With Mercury in Virgo, you can easily self-correct and nudge situations and relationships to where you want them.

Home life should bring much satisfaction, and possibly some karmic insights, particularly in September and October. Family mysteries may be solved, or resolved.

Emotional ties and romance are empowered in November, but it may be December when you are the most intense, powerful, and effective. Mars and Saturn are both on your side as the year ends. You can do great things this year, Gemini!

This is exciting – I’ll be a star this year! :) What stood out to me is the paragraph all about me making progress. For me, I hope that means progress at work – learning new things and gaining responsibility in a particular area. I also hope that means progress in exercising and eating healthy.

The last two paragraphs didn’t stand out as much.

Daily: 21 Jan 2016

Not all friendships are the same, Gemini. You may have learned that the hard way, but that’s OK. Today you could feel like putting your friendships in some kind of order and getting a bit of perspective on things. It’s time to figure which of your friends are really there for you when you need them, which of them show you how much they care about you, and which ones do not. Each kind of friendship can be useful to you in its own way. Don’t be afraid to admit this.

This really stuck out at me because I’m trying to arrange a big birthday part for my 25th this year and I want certain Portland friends to be there in addition to certain friends from Orange County, where I currently live. I’m afraid my Portland friendships may take a hit if they don’t come to my party. DON’T WORRY, I’ll still be friends with them and love them, but I’ve made three trips to Portland last year (2015) all within six months. One was just a fun trip I wanted to do, the other two were for weddings. There have been some conversations about going on a trip somewhere. There has been at least one conversation about a couple of them coming to visit me this Spring. There have been conversations, but no planning or action from what I can tell. I don’t want to be the one that does all the traveling and spending of money to maintain these great relationships.

I’m probably overthinking this.


Today: Don’t worry about what others think of you, especially in terms of current relationship decisions. There is bound to be some kind of conflict between you and your love interest, but this doesn’t mean the partnership is bad or about to end, despite the opinion of others. It simply means that you need to compromise on certain issues, or agree to have your differences.

This one seemed very relevant for me. I just reconnected with someone that I went on a couple dates with in late 2014. Things happened, it didn’t work out. We recently went out on New Years together and something may be starting. However, I get the feeling that a couple friends – maybe even my mother – is hesitant on the whole situation. However, the above horoscope just reminds me that it’s my life and my decision. If in the end it doesn’t work out again, then it doesn’t. I learn from the situation no matter what!

I would have done a career one, but none of the options stood out to me.


So, there is my horoscope, for Gemini, which ended up being kind of a general life update.

Any other horoscope readers out there? Any other Geminis?

Babble away!

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