Did I Really Just Send That?

Okay, so I lied, this is probably one of the last dating related posts I’ll do for awhile.

There are probably multiple scenarios running through your head, thinking of all the worst case scenarios where you either purposely or accidentally send someone something that you may find yourself regretting, either a minute later or a day later.

Yeah, I am currently finding myself in this type of situation.

So, there’s a boy, no surprise. I worked with him for a year while in college. I remember being attracted to him the moment I laid eyes on him. Cheesy, I know. I settled for a great friend. He graduated and moved to the city a couple hours away, the same city I attempted to live in after my graduation. Unfortunately, we only got to hang out a couple times and before I knew it I was moving back home and soon after he had to move out of the country.

The thing with us, is that I remember always flirting with him. In the way that we were always teasing each other. We both were attracted to each other, but I never gave thought that it would go further than friends. And I am completely okay with that. Especially since he had to move back home to Europe.

We still talk occasionally through Snapchat and Facebook messenger. I even flew to Vancouver to see him last fall (unfortunately he found out a few months before that he had to move back to Europe).

I’ve learned quickly in this modern dating world that because we communicate more frequently through technology, some things can be interpreted differently than intended. Something that I’m afraid happened with my most recent message.

He’s been sick and so I sent him a funny ‘get well soon’ e-card. The inside message said something along the lines of ‘it’s any consolation I’d still hook up with you, sick or not’. I wrote a personal message saying that I hope it made him smile and that he feels better soon.

In my mind, it was a funny card that seemed appropriate between friends.

The other morning, however, I woke up slightly panicked, thinking, did I really just send that? It was in this moment where I thought that there should definitely be a way to take something back.

He’s read the message; I haven’t gotten a response. I really hate that you can see if someone has read a message or not, because then you can end up sitting there, wondering why they didn’t send a response.

In any case, I don’t think our friendship is ruined or anything, but I still can’t believe that I sent that particular card. I really hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the *ss.

Have you been a similar situation?

Happy Babbling!



5 thoughts on “Did I Really Just Send That?

  1. Oh bless you – I’m always doing this! sending things and then panicking after. My (I hate the word boyfriend) SO literally has email anxiety and I spend so much time reading through bits for him cause he really struggles bless him!

    I think what you send is super lovely and maybe something more will blossom. Lovely little post for a Friday morning! :D

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  2. I think we’ve all be there… and the no reply – well… Win Lose or Draw it’s out there and your intent was NOT to say – Let’s Hook Up – it was – hey… you mean something to me and I’m sorry to hear that your sick. You’re still cute when sick – a sweet sentiment. Try not to get in your head too much – I wish it weren’t a “girl thing” but it seems to be, as I don’t know many men who second guess.
    So just go with it – and if it needs “addressing” – spend your time thinking of some witty response – like a “so are you still all runny nosed and bleary eyed, or bushy tailed and bright eyed? On the later – “Good! Always like to hear when my friends are are on the mend/healthy!” The former – Sorry to hear that, hope you’ll be back on your feet soon – it’s always sucky having a cold. END OF STORY. (Of course you need to find your witty voice… but just reply in this “friendly” manner and that will be that. Likely (and I mean this in a good way b/c you’ve been thinking about it…) he just smiled and took it that you were wishing him healthier days ahead. :)

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