RIP It or Ship It Book Tag

I originally saw Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile’s post for this tag and then saw Catia at The Girl Who Read Too Much’s post for it today. I really enjoyed both of their posts and it sounded fun, so I thought why not? (From what I see, this tag was originally created by Booktuber Emmmabooks).

The Rules: 

  1. Write down the names of characters from different books – I used characters from recent reads, but include characters from Harry Potter, Anna Karenina, etc. Write them down on scraps of paper.
  2. You can use as many characters as you’d like – I chose 6 boys and 6 girls, which will give me 6 couples at the end. I couldn’t think of 10, weirdly.
  3. Place these names in a container of your choosing – I decided to split them into two
  4. Take out two names at a time and decide whether you would ship the couple, or if you wish for them to die a peaceful/slow death!


Owen Armstrong from Just Listen and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Interesting … I don’t think they would have much in common except maybe that they like to debate over the things they love, Owen’s would be music and Hermione’s would be, well, everything. I think they would challenge each other, so I’m going to SHIP.
(Although Owen and Annabel forever)


Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and Annabel Greene from Just Listen

Another weird one and the two couples switched! I think communication would suck between these two and would die before I RIP’d it. This is a RIP.


Eric Northman from Sookie Stackhouse and Arya Stark from Song of Ice and Fire

I instantly just went YES. Ok, so there is an age difference, but I won’t take that into account right now. He’s a vampire, a natural predator. She’s training to be an assassin, also a type of predator. Also, they would have revenge in common as well. It would be dangerous for these two to be together, but I’m going to SHIP.


Tyrion Lannister from Song of Ice and Fire and Reagan from Fangirl

Two smart and witty characters who don’t care what others think? They might just argue constantly, but I think it would be really interesting to see this duo. I’m going to SHIP.


Levi from Fangirl and Mercy Thompson from Mercy Thompson

Nope. They may both have laid-back qualities and have common interests: they’re both loyal and caring, but Mercy attracts too much attention and trouble. And I don’t think Levi would be enough of a challenge for Mercy. I’m going to RIP.


Adam Hauptmann from Mercy Thompson and Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass

I’ve only read the first two books of the Throne of Glass series, but from what I remember, she’s ‘magical’ in a way. Just like Adam. They both went through tough times because of that. However, I think they would clash too much. Adam would stand by her, but still be the leader – he is an alpha male werewolf. But Celaena would want to lead. I don’t know, I can’t see it, so I’m going to RIP.

So, I picked really weird characters, but I do have an even split of three SHIPs and three RIPs. Not bad. I thought I would have all RIPs to be honest. I think my round three and round four are my favorite SHIPs. Maybe next time I should stick to just one genre or genres that are similar to each other haha.

Any agreements? Disagreements? Who would you pair with some of the characters I chose? 

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Happy Reading!



Featured image found via Google image search and links back to Regal Critiques.



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