Top Ten Tuesday: Songs I Wish Were Novels

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Happy Tuesday! I luckily had President’s Day off yesterday, so I’m coming off a long weekend, which I wished was still going. In any case, I hoped everyone had a great weekend! So, this week’s topic is all about music and books. Music is another amazing way to tell a story and even to gain inspiration for writing one!Ā 

The Cave by Mumford and Sons

I think most of Mumford and Sons’ songs all tell unique stories. I had a hard time choosing one, but I think this one could be anything; the protagonist always standing by someone even after all their mistakes.

King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men

I think I saw a couple other TTT’s with this song. A King and his loyal companion, maybe running away or running towards something, maybe going on a long journey so the king can take back what’s his?

Demons by Imagine Dragons

I’m not entirely sure what kind of story this would be, but I actually think this could be more of a character rather than a whole story. I probably really like this because it reminds me a little of Beauty and the Beast.

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

This song seems to tell an actual story. I imagine a Lord of The Rings world, a possible last battle about to occur. I can only imagine the events that would lead up to this and what would happen afterwards.

Remind Me by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

Sounds like a story of two former lovers coming together and realized they still love each other or maybe it’s about rekindling? Either way, it would probably be a sweet story.

Heavy Is the Head by Zac Brown Band

A possible mad king? A Queen who will take his head? A loyal warrior stuck between the two maybe? Sounds like a possible crazy story. Or what sounds like Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon.

Monsters of the North by The National Parks

Sounds like a werewolf story or some other paranormal ‘things that go bump in the night’ story.

Burning House by Cam

This song is just beautiful. We always see happy endings in the book, but what if the love story didn’t up happy, what if one person really hurt the other?

Superheroes by The Script

A story about how the superhero/ hero becomes the hero he/she is.

Castle by Halsey

Another that I’ve seen on other lists and I agree with all of them. This song is a natural story and one I would like to read.

I was able to find ten! I’m sure I would eventually find others. This was actually a little more difficult than I thought since most of the songs I listened to for this sounded more like characters than novels … maybe I should have done that. Oh well.

What do you think of this possible stories?

Happy Reading!



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Songs I Wish Were Novels

  1. Interesting. What do you think about Antonio Vivaldi – four seasons – winter ?
    I think it will work well with a serial killer. Imagine Hannibal cooking\killing his dinner while listening to it.


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