Running Chronicles: 2016 Races I Want to Run

I recently ran the Surf City Half Marathon a couple weeks ago, my third half. And my last. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t do other fun runs or shorter distances, like 5K and 10Ks. The week following Surf City, I went a little crazy and scheduled out all the races I really want to do this year.



Sunday, 28th: Brea 8K Classic

Run my hometown and it’s the 25th anniversary!


Saturday, 5th: FroYo Run 5K

Unfortunately, this will probably not happen, at least not this date.

Sunday, 6th: Coaster Run 5K or 10K

I get to run through Knott’s Berry Farm and get pie at the end, plus a medal :)

Sunday, 13th: Rockin’ Shamrock Irvine 5K or 10K

Sunday, 13th: The Leprechaun Leap 5K

Yes, I have two that I want to do on the same day, with the same theme.  The Leprechaun Leap is hosted by a company that I’ve ran other races from and enjoyed. Plus that one I get to run through old Air Force plane hangars, how cool is that?

Saturday, 19th: Run Beerfit LA

I really want to do some kind of beer run, but I might wait until one pops in Portland, OR where there is probably better beer ;)

Sunday, 20th: Hot Chocolate Run, San Diego 15K/5K

I really, really want to do this one. I wanted to do it last year, but the timing was off. I will do this one this year. I mean, check out their finisher’s swag!


Saturday, 2nd: Run Beerfit San Diego

I have this option as well, but I think I should also wait until I have friends that would run it with me.

Saturday, 9th: Hollywood 5K or 10K

It just sounds fun, right?

Saturday, 30th: I Am Second 10K, Laguna Niguel

I don’t know how I found this one, but it’s running for a cause, for I Am Second: “I Am Second® is a movement helping people to live for more than just themselves.”


Sunday, 1st: OC Wahoo’s 5K

This is the 5K offered during the OC Marathon/ Half weekend. I’m not sure I care if I end up doing this one or not.


Saturday, 4th: Rock ‘n’ Roll, San Diego

Okay, my coworker who also runs has done a few of these half marathons. I checked their website and they have races in almost every major city and the medals are all unique to the city! Unfortunately, San Diego only offers the full marathon or half. But I could easily do San Jose, Denver, Arizona, Las Vegas, or Vancouver for the 10K in the winter.

Saturday, 11th: Downtown Anaheim 5K

My coworker mentioned this one because they offer a great festival at the end for runners, so I thought why not?

July – August

Nothing, thank goodness. I do no want to run in SoCal middle of the summer heat.


Saturday, 3rd: Disney 10K

Sadly, I will not be making this one this year, but my goal is to run every Disney race.

Saturday, 10th: Craft Brew Race 5K, Boulder

I may not get to this one this year, but definitely marking it for next year!


Saturday, 8th: Aquarium of the Pacific 5K

This is the shorter run offered by the Long Beach Marathon/ Half weekend. I get to run through the aquarium! Through the shark tunnel! Sold.

Sunday, 23rd: Surf City 10K

I’m not sure why this isn’t offered during the actual Surf City weekend, but it isn’t. Either way I still get a medal haha


Sunday, 6th: Girls on the Go 10K, San Dimas

This was another race I stumbled upon and instantly wanted to do it for two reasons: the medal and the inspiration and empowerment of women. Girl Power!

Saturday, 19th: The Color Run

I’ve done the Color Me Rad race in Portland, OR a few years ago and had fun, but I heard running the original color run is the best.


Run For A Cause: Date TBC

Saturday, 3rd (TBC): Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run

The medal is cute and who doesn’t want to be surrounded by Christmas Cheer while running? :)

So, this seems like a lot, but I can probably only make 10 of these races, which I hope I do!

Don’t forget to checkout my new Running Page in the new menu for my other running posts!

Happy Running!

XO Nicole


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