I’ve Entered the Book World On Instagram

Yup, Sorry, I’m Booked got it’s own Instagram or as some say, Bookstagram!

I didn’t realize just how big the book community is across the different social media platforms. Blogging, YouTube, Instagram … Though I will say right now that I will probably never ever record myself and put it out there for the world to see. I would just be too awkward.

Moving along …

I started thinking about posting more book related posts on Instagram last week when I somehow found myself reading about popular book Instagram accounts and the different hashtags that are used. But then I saw that a lot of the popular accounts are solely focused on books. For all I know they had a separate account for their personal life.

I was happy to find that the handle sorryiambooked was not taken on Instagram and so I took it. I figure that if I didn’t like it, it would be easy to let it go if it wasn’t connected to my personal account.

I’m not entirely sure what my niche will be or if I’ll ever find besides posting about books. I’ll definitely post pictures of my current read and probably even favorite quotes. I’m a little nervous since there are some really great Instagram accounts out there, but I figured if in the end I just have fun with it, it’ll be a success!

So, find me on Instagram @sorryiambooked and don’t forget to add me on Goodreads Nicole {Sorry, I’m Booked}

XO Nicole


4 thoughts on “I’ve Entered the Book World On Instagram

    • Thank you! I’ve only posted two pictures, but I can tell it could be a lot of fun :) I’m not following many yet, but I really like blueeyedbiblio, epicreads, and bookscalling.


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