Book Spine Poetry

It’s day six of Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf’s GUOTSBE! And I’m actually posting this on the correct day, yay! In honor of World Poetry Day and being a dabbler of writing poetry myself, I chose this prompt. Plus, I would be way too awkward in front of a camera.

Book Spine Poetry prompt: It’s World Poetry Day! I don’t know about you, but poetry really isn’t my forte and I’m not its biggest fan. But book spine poetry? I can dig that. All you have to do is take titles of books–books spines!–and make them into a poem (or, oh my gosh, go even further and dissect a book and make sentences into a poem, you super creative overachiever, you).

So, here it is, my Book Spine Poem:

A darker shade of magic
A certain slant of light

Dark places
Crown of midnight

Hunter’s prayer
Touch the dark


Pack up the moon
Curse the dawn

The golden city
Heir of fire

Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I have to say, this is was easy if only because I have a lot of Urban Fantasy books with “dark” titles and they all seem to fit well together.

Did you create your own poem of book spines? Do you write poetry?

Happy Monday!

XO Nicole



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