Bookish Thought: Reading Slump

Bookish Thought is a type of discussion post where I talk about anything book related and of course leave it open for you all to respond :)

I never, ever thought I would say this, but I’m in a reading slump.

It’s only been a few days, but I find myself more inclined to play a game or do something else on my phone or watch TV in my spare time rather than pick up a book.

It’s annoying. I want to read, I do, but for some reason I’m slightly disinterested in the act itself. I picked The Martian as my next read and currently it’s been toted around in my bag,  the cover not yet cracked.

I want to start it even more, now that I’ve seen it on almost everyone’s Top Ten Tuesday post for this week (books that make you laugh).

This post is more an opening of discussion between everyone about reading slumps and me – hopefully – getting ideas about how to get out of my current reading slump.

So, tell me, what did you do when you found yourself in a reading slump? Any advice or tips?

XO Nicole


4 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Reading Slump

  1. Hi there! I think it’s great you’re being so honest about being in a slump. In fact, I’ve recently just got out of a slump – I’ve been rejuvenated almost! I think the key things are:
    – Make time to sit down and read in a quiet, relaxing space
    – Pick a book you definitely want to read, you’re not just reading it because someone recommended it and you thought “why not”
    – Read a book or two that you’ve read before that you really loved, I did that inadvertently and now I’m constantly curled up with a book!

    Those are my tips and tricks
    Judith x

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    • Thanks for the tips! I got a few pages into The Martian and I think it might help, though I might pick up a book for a fast reread :)


  2. I think that reading slumps can’t be helped at times… At least I don’t know how to fight them xD Mine don’t last very long, and are rare, so I hope yours will be gone and forgotten soon :)

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