Myself in Five Characters Tag

It’s Thursday! Which means two things: one, there’s only one day left until the weekend and two, it’s tag day!

I enjoy doing tags from time to time because I think it helps of thinking of books and reading habits in a new way – if that makes any sense. Anyways,  I was tagged by the ever lovely Katherine at Mapping Souls with Words for the Myself in Five Characters tag, thank you! :) Sorry it took so long!

This tag is about picking characters that best represent you or a part of you, which sounds really interesting! We’ll see if I can find five characters.

Annabel Greene


The first character to come to mind was Annabel Greene. I was never an ‘It Girl’, but what I identified with about Annabel is that she’s an avoider of conflict; she doesn’t want to do anything to cause excess worry or do something that would intentionally hurt the other’s feelings. I never thought she was a super exciting character, but she felt very real to me.

Mercy Thompson


But at the same time, I can be hugely sassy when I want to be and I’m extremely loyal to those closest to me. I’m sure if it came down to it, I would fight for those I care about (though I hope it wouldn’t be physically). I also know when to admit to my faults. Mercy may know how to fight, but she’s also really smart and knows how to hold her ground verbally – which I know how to do, most of the time haha. She also knows she isn’t perfect and neither is anyone else.  (clearly she’s more badass than I am)

Elizabeth Bennet


I’m sure I’m not the only one to put her on this kind of list. Lizzy is a very independent person, which I definitely am. We all know she’s an avid reader, but she’s also not afraid to show people that she’s smart and that she has a voice that wants to be heard. She’s not huge on society all the time, but does make appearances; I’m an ambivert, mostly. I think the biggest thing besides being a reader and enjoying the outdoors is that she doesn’t want to marry simply for the status or anything else. She wants a marriage; a partner – something I want as well. Like Lizzy, I’m also stubborn.

Luna Lovegood


Okay, so I really wanted to put Hermione down, but ultimately I always had a soft spot for Luna and I think ultimately I have more on common with Luna. She’s definitely a unique character and while everyone is unique in their own way, she doesn’t tend to care what others think. I used to, but then I got to college and found ‘my people’, but still came across diverse people. She’s also super sweet and open minded, things that I like to think I am as well.

Louisa/ Will


Okay, so maybe I’m cheating a little with putting two for the last slot. But both are from Me Before You and I identify with both. Louisa is quirky, which I am sometimes, but not quite the extent that Lou is. Mostly what I identify with is that she’s comfortable where she is in life. However, with Will, he’s a traveler and an adventurer. I find myself stuck between what these two represent to me. I’m comfortable, but at the same I don’t always realize that I’m afraid to go off and travel and find an adventure, but at the same time I kind of know that I really want that. I have a head of logic at time, but a heart that wishes to be gypsy and chase the sun kind of thing.

So this was a lot of fun! Now I want to reread some of these books! I feel like are more characters that I could add, but alas I was only allowed five.

As always, no pressure if you’re tagged!

I tag . . .

Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile

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Jocelyn at 52 Letters in the Alphabet

Marie at Drizzle and Hurricanes Books

Can’t wait to read your answers! Also, if you’ve already done this tag and don’t want to do it again, give me your link in the comments! :)



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