The Future Or The Cause of My Anxiety

I’ve always been a worrier. I’ve gotten better at being more flexible and ‘with the flow’ about smaller things, but the bigger things still get to me. Like the future.

I know I’m not the only one. And definitely not the only millennial worrying over this.

This post idea actually came out of dating anxiety. Last night, on a whim, I re-downloaded the app Coffee Meets Bagel. Which now that I think about it was probable mistake number one. I went through the profile process and scrolled a few profiles. Then I went to sleep.

Actually I tried to sleep. I had a fitful sleep over my anxiety over now kind-of being in the ‘dating world’ in addition to suddenly being anxious over what the hell am I doing in the next few years?? Still living at home? God, I hope not.

So now I’m continuously thinking over what cities I might like to move to, what kind of jobs and industries I’ll look into, etc etc.

Why the hell do I do this to myself?!

I see myself in a confusing position. I currently live at home saying money (which I’m totally fine with at the moment) in Southern California. I have a job that I still love. BUT, I don’t want to stay in California. If only I could take my job with me when I go. If only!

However, no matter which city I want to move to, it all depends on job availability. Right now, I’m kind of stuck between Portland, Or and Boulder/Denver, CO. Colorado has better prospects, but not all are in the industry that I want.

While Portland would be tougher in terms of jobs, I think it’s cheaper to live. And, at least half of my friends live there. The city is familiar to me too. But I do have an aunt and a cousin in Boulder. Ultimately, the network is stronger in Portland, but jobs are stronger in Colorado.

It’s hard for me to really figure out what it is I think is more important for me, because like many people I want to live in a city where I have a good job, good environment, friends, and plenty to do. ultimately, I have to think about whether I want to constrict myself to one industry or open it up to pretty much anything.

So, those of you in similar situations, tell me what you’re doing to help alleviate the anxiety or if you’ve already gone through it, tell me the different things you learned!

XO Nicole



6 thoughts on “The Future Or The Cause of My Anxiety

  1. Colorado is definitely good for the soul but is also expensive- you may have better luck looking for homes just north (Northglenn) or south (Littleton) of Denver or just outside of Boulder (Longmont and possibly Lafayette)… It gets exponentially cheaper even 10-20 minutes outside the city!
    Good luck on your decision! Things have a way of working themselves out.

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  2. Hey Nicole, I have struggled for years with similar problems to you. I think it is very, very tough to be a young adult today, trying to figure ourselves out and make plans and set goals, all in a difficult economy and a society that demands a lot from us. I’m trying to learn not to put too much pressure on myself to achieve it all. As an example, if I’m happy enough in my average job, why stress about studying more or building a career? Everyone is different and has different challenges and goals, but I really think we all need to go easier on ourselves and just learn to enjoy each day for what it is, rather than worrying about the future too much. Easier said than done, I know :) x

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    • It is tough and I wholeheartedly agree with how the economy and society expect a lot from us or put a lot of pressure on us. I think many people forget that how young adults today grew up is very different from how our parents grew up.
      But yes, take each day as it is and enjoy it, good advice!! :)
      Thanks for sharing!

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