Running Chronicles: I Am Second 10K

When I woke up on Saturday  morning, I was still sore from my gym workouts and very tired. I was also very nervous of not being able to run the whole thing at all since I haven’t exactly been running as often as I want to be or should be if I want to continue doing races.

I should have known that the 6 miles wasn’t going to kill me.

I actually felt really good during the whole six miles. I was still paranoid that I was going to come in last, which is weird considering I’m not really a competitive person. But the race was small, there were only 65 runners in the 10k, I think, and probably a little more doing the 5k.

But whats great about this race and the organization it helps is that it reminds us that winning isn’t always the main goal, it’s about doing your best and getting the best out of yourself. And I think that’s what I did and it’s all I can ask of myself sometimes.

This race was put on by Renegade Racing, which I’ve come to really like as a racing event producer. And what’s exciting is that I placed again in my female age division! I placed third!

Out of three haha 🙂

I excitedly got a second medal in addition to the one that everyone gets at the end of the race. It made my inner self excited either way.


My time was pretty spot on with my usual pace, which was an average of a 10:30 minute mile, with me finishing at about 1 hour and five minutes – I don’t remember the exact time.

The only is that I didn’t really like the course. At the three mile marker, right before the finish line, we had to turn back around and do half the course again before turning around at the other end and going to the finish line – definitely not my favorite. Though the location was beautiful.

My next race is in a week and have and it’s a donut run 5k!! I’m so excited.

XO Nicole

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