New Life Hunting

As you may remember from our third coffee date the other day that I’m slowly starting the process of looking and applying for jobs out of state, particularly in Colorado.

And it’s exhausting!

I forgot how much time is consumed by first, perfecting your resume and cover letter template and then the time you put in to actually look for jobs and then applying.

During this whole process, which has only been going on for about a week, I find myself bypassing jobs that I think I’m under qualified for or are too basic of admin positions, or I’m not sure if I would like it, etc.

And I thought, am I being too picky or am I being selective?

I found a pretty good explanation for each on

It’s good to be selective in your search for a job. Being selective means you are evaluating your options and pursuing those most suitable to you and your goals.

It’s bad to be picky in your search for a job. Being picky means you are lazy and not willing to invest the time necessary to be selective.

Taking these explanations into account, I think I’ve been both, but more selective. I know what type of job I want and generally what industry. I know the type of responsibilities that I want and can handle in a job. However, there have been a couple of job descriptions were I read it and then get picky, not really want to stop and think about how my skills, etc. transfer to the job.

It’s also stressful trying to figure all of that out. And I just realized earlier that I sent most copies of my resume and cover letter in the Word MAC extension, so if they have a PC, there’s a chance they won’t be able to read it all!

Can you sense how stressed and just over it, I am?

I’ll keep looking and applying, but I seriously wished it was the end of Friday right now. Or that I had access to any and all sweets right now.

Going through this I can how tempting it is to stay in a really comfortable job or life. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as being too comfortable sometimes, at least that’s the impression I get from this The Muse article: 4 Signs You’re Too Comfortable in Your Job

Out of the four reasons provided, I find myself agreeing with two:

You Stop Pushing Back: Instead of pushing back against ideas you don’t agree with or think will work, you start agreeing with whatever is suggested first. If you aren’t pushing back, there’s a good chance you’re becoming OK with mediocre work, and that’s bad news for your career.

You’re OK With the Bare Minimum: Your daily routine is like clockwork. But such a firm routine hints that you may not be feeling any pressure in your job, let alone excitement about projects that push you past watching the clock—which could mean you’re not being challenged.

I think my biggest issue right now is that I don’t feel challenged like I used to when I first started and I’ve started to feel a little bored. It could be a personality thing, I didn’t always stick things out for the long-term, but I really think it would be different for work.

All I can do is go through the motions at work and at finding my new life AKA new job in a new city in a new state.

Wow, so many new’s.

Have you gone through this whole process?? Do you have advice or tips? Do you disagree with anything at all?

XO Nicole

P.S. I also really like this simple and to the point ELiteDaily article: The 10 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job


3 thoughts on “New Life Hunting

  1. I currently applying for jobs as well. The hardest thing at first for me was to realize that I will almost never completely fit the profile they put online as wanted for the job. I have learned this past week to critically look at it, and decide what I can do, and what I can easily learn. My biggest problem is the requirement of experience. I am a recent graduate but almost every job listing asks for 1-2 years experience. Best of luck!!

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    • That’s definitely good advice! I do that too and I’ve been told that you should apply for a job that you life if you match the qualifications at least 80%. Because there’s a chance that the other 20% is easily learnable.

      There’s also that Catch-22 where employers wants experience, but why you’re applying is to get that experience. That was the most frustrating for after I graduated.

      Good luck to you too! :)

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