Bookish Thought: Apps, Social Networks, & Other Resources

Happy Hump day!! It’s Wednesday which means a Bookish Thought post! I know, it’s been weeks since I’ve done one of these, but I haven’t had any good inspiration for one of these posts. Plus life.

This week’s topic is one I’ve actually been toying with for months now. It came to mind because I saw an ad for a new App – Readfeed. I looked at the info that I could find to see what this new thing was for readers, but I soon became confused. The concept and screenshots seem exactly like Goodreads to me.

But it got me thinking – what other book centered social apps or similar online sites are out there?

Are there any other book related apps you love? Or online sites?

I did a little research myself and found the following sites – yes there multiple communities for book lovers! (I hope I’m not the only one to no know about these). All names link to their site.

  1. Goodreads (had to include)
  2. Scribd – I’ve seen the name around, but never knew what it was for. Seems like a place to have access to e-books, audiobooks, plus other documents.
  3. Kobo Reading Life – Similar to Scribd, though they have magazines, etc added in and I think it’s easy to save things from the internet to read later.
  4. HarperCollins Bookperk – a way to get e-book deals (I think)

There are two new apps that I’ve discovered, but have not used. There’s Readfeed mentioned above. It only has an app available for Android. iOS to come out soon.

Then there’s Litsy. I think it just came out this year. It’s only an app (as far as I can tell). They are also similar to Goodreads, but with more focus on connecting readers through everything, so that means that recommendations you get are from other readers, not an algorithm. There’s also a few different formats to add a review or to simply talk about a book. There is of course ways to organize your reading list.

But that brings up another question: is having just an app good enough? Do you like having both an app and website option? Or neither?

Only a couple of the above apps and sites allow for easy tracking, connecting with other readers, and finding recommendations. Probably like many of you, I’m an avid and loyal Goodreads user. But I also wonder about other ways to find book recommendations or to connect with other readers or to keep track of all the amazing (or not so amazing) books that you read.

I’m known as the reader/bookworm of my office, so I tend to be the first person my coworkers think of to give a book to that they don’t want or one they simply want to recommend. Otherwise, I find books through Goodreads, Instagram, and of course you! Which I find is the the most fun, because then more connection happens between readers I think.

I’ve also contemplated getting a reading journal to keep track of books I read, especially if it would come in handy to taking notes while I read.

So, what are the resources (digital + otherwise) that you use to find books? What do you use to keep track of the books you read? 

It’s almost the weekend! Happy Reading!

XO Nicole

4 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Apps, Social Networks, & Other Resources

  1. I have Litsy and I love it (although I don’t use it as much as I should). You’re right that it’s like Goodreads in the sense that you can find and track your books, but it’s not as detailed/accurate as Goodreads. For example you can’t always find the specific edition of a book you’re reading, which means your total pages read stat is always going to be out; also you can’t add new editions yourself like you can with Goodreads.
    I would go so far as to say that it’s more like Instagram in terms of the photo aspect of it, but with some Goodreads functionality. But, it’s only new and even in the few months that I’ve been using it there’s been some great upgrades. I’ll continue to use it but for accurate tracking purposes, Goodreads is always going to be my go to and it’s probably my main source of finding new books after blogs.

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  2. I just started using Litsy and like it, but I don’t check it all the time. I like the fact that it is all book readers and book based. It seems to be a mix of Goodreads & Instagram (Bookstagram). I’ve added a few books to my TBR that I saw on Litsy that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I think as book bloggers it’s good for us to get suggestions from a variety of sources.

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