Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I finally read Gone Girl by the wonderful Gillian Flynn! (links to Goodreads)

Having read Dark Places and absolutely loved it, I knew I wanted to read the rest of Flynn’s novel. A coworker of mine gave me her copy of Gone Girl which I happy accepted and dove into.

To give a preview of what my last thought was of the book …

Wait. That’s it?! That’s how it ends?!?! That’s the story. Really?? Ugh.

gone-girlI’m not saying that this novel wasn’t brilliant or well written. Those few twists were really well executed that I did not see coming. But that’s what Flynn is getting known for, I
think, is writing dark novels with the ability to throw the reader off with well timed and well executed twists in the stories.

But let me break it down into the writing, plot, and the characters.

The Writing

Even though I was familiar with Flynn’s writing and her style, it still took awhile for me to get into this novel. It may have been because I read a very different book right before this one, but this novel didn’t pull me in right at the beginning. I may also be unfairly comparing this novel to Dark Places.

Overall though, Flynn’s writing was exceptional in this novel. I got a great sense of the characters and the settings. I love Flynn’s style of giving two different point of views which helps keep the reader on their toes on trying to figure out what actually happened.

The Plot

Oh my goodness this story has so many good twists and turns! I know that a good majority of people have all read this book and/or watched the movie. So we the know the gist of the story is that of Nick Dunne suddenly finding his wife, clever and beautiful Amy, missing from their home in Missouri. Unfortunately, Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with several lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior as pressure from the police and media increases.

We get point of views from Nick and Amy’s diary which allows us to see how both act and try to figure out if Nick, the prime suspect, is actually capable of murder.

The Characters 

Just like the plot, some of these characters are just twisted! Amy is frighteningly clever. Nick is smart, but not quite clever. They are both washed up writers who moved to Missouri from NYC to help Nick’s parents.

I honestly thought Amy’s parents were a little annoying, but I couldn’t hold it against them since the whole time they’re really just frightened for their only daughter. Who they make money off of. Anyways.

I like Nick’s sister, a good balance against Nick.

So I did enjoy this book, though I didn’t love it. I definitely did not love the ending. Because holy shit these people are crazy. For any male readers, you will never want to date ever again after reading this.

Have you read this Gillian Flynn novel? What were your thoughts??

Happy Reading!

XO Nicole


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