Bookish Thought: Shelf Cleaning

Bookish Thought is a type of discussion post where I talk about anything book related and of course leave it open for you all to respond :)

How do you decided when it’s time to clean out your shelves? How do you decide what books to keep and which ones to donate – or maybe even try to sell (excluding textbooks)?

I find myself in this predicament, one that didn’t use to be so hard. I used to sit down when I was bored and completely reorganize my bookshelf. But back then (years ago), I didn’t go crazy buying books like I have. I always had room for all my books.

And now, I actually have two bookshelves, though the one that is actually in my room is more for decorative purposes.

So, I find that I need to do some shelf cleaning for a few reasons.

Number One

As I mentioned, I went a little book buying crazy this year in addition to discovering ways to put my blog out there to those seeking book reviews. I’m sure you can imagine how quickly I ran out of room on my small bookshelf that only has three shelves.

A couple months ago I finally sat down and organized my shelves, keeping unread books in piles on the floor. Which did not go over well with my mother.

I did go through and take out a several books (many of them non-fiction art books received as gifts) that I decided to put up on my Amazon seller account. However, I still have many books and very little room.

Number Two

The other reason, more looming in the future than anything, is the fact that I’m hoping to move to my own place in the (hopefully very near) future.

With that constantly banging around in my head, I realize that I most likely won’t end up in some super spacious place. Which unfortunately means, either I put a bunch of books in storage or I part ways with a bunch of books.

Neither sound all that fun.

Number Three

Sometimes it’s just time to part ways. I have a few books that I’ve gotten in book boxes or for book reviews and shelved without a second thought. I also still have several books from my high school years.

I have no idea if its nostalgia or something else that has had me keeping the books from my high school years. There are some that I may never give up – though they may end up in storage at some point. But I’ve come to terms that some books might be better loved in someone else’s hands.

So …

How do you decide when it’s time for a shelf cleaning? How do you decide which books to keep? To donate (or sell)?

Tell me your process or what you do! I’ll be doing a part two to this next week and I may just mention you and your suggestions! :)



5 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Shelf Cleaning

  1. I actually do this a lot. Between my daughter and I we have 6 shelves and we still find ourselves running out of room. I also like to just rearrange and reorganize, and when I do I tend to reevaluate some booksI have. I have a bad habit of impulse buying, and then after months have gone by I realize I’ll never actually read them. So I get rid of them, donate them, pass them on to friends.

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  2. I’m an unashamed book hoarder. I have a LOT of trouble getting rid of books, even donating them. Books are my babies, I want to love them and take care of them and…ahem. But, I do cull on a regular basis. First, the unread books. Why are they unread? Do I still have a real desire to read them? That’s my biggest test. Sometimes I will get rid of a book if it doesn’t match the rest of the series, or if it’s a really natty copy and I eventually want to get a good, pretty copy to keep. I really don’t like paperbacks much, so unless a book is ONLY printed in paperback I usually don’t buy those. Gifts, I almost never move out, even if it’s a book I probably won’t read. Because SOMEONE CARED enough to buy me a BOOK, not a gift card, even if they don’t quite understand what type of book I read!

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    • Thanks for sharing! I’ve recently become some what of a book hoarder, though I do see the practical side of donating books if I haven’t read them or don’t really see me reading them in the future.

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