Book Review: Held Against You by Season Vining

I receive Held Against You in one of my many book box subscriptions. I forgot that I chose romance as my genre and this was actually the second box I received (I forgot to cancel, whoops).

Held Against You by Season Vining was a huge disappointment (links to Goodreads). I almost didn’t want to write a review because I hate being negative when I can help it. However, it was more plot and character issues rather than the author’s writing (for the most part).

The Plot

Kat has been accused of a horrible crime and decides to run, jumping bail and becoming a held-againstfugitive. She’s close to the Canada border when a notorious bounty hunter, Steel, catches up with her after several weeks of chasing her.

This is when the story opens up – Kat is several hours away from the Canadian border. Steel is right on top of her, though she doesn’t really seem to know it. He easily catches her and immediately starts the long drive home (I believe Texas if memory serves right).

But they both are keeping dangerous secrets and it’s soon that trouble is on their heels.

Sounds intriguing, right?

The plot wasn’t terrible, but it could have been way better! I expected an actual cat and mouse chase between the two main characters but that didn’t really happen at all. Sure Kat got away one time, but it wasn’t hard for Steel to figure it out and quickly catch up with her.

The ending didn’t make sense to me AT ALL. Especially when all the secrets, especially Kat’s, comes out. There was no reason for it to end that way. I actually didn’t understand why Kat ran in the first place, she hardly needed to.

The Characters

Oh man. Okay, so Kat is young, early to mid twenties and has this innocence to her which confuses Steel considering she’s up for killing her stepfather. She’s pushy when it comes to Steel – which I get considering they’re stuck in a car for hours.

Steel is very reserved and private. He’s one solely focused on the job. Which as the book goes on, starts to sound sketchy.

Their so called chemistry? Non-existent to me. Sure, they’re both attractive and they both recognize that in each other. But it felt passionless and merely a romance of proximity rather than full of heat and attraction. I get that not all romance books have that, but I just didn’t get why they decided on each other.

The secondary characters barely made a blimp in the story and on my radar.

The Writing

I will say that Vining’s writing was good. Not ‘it blew my mind’, but ultimately everything made sense and flowed together. There just needed to be more behind the characters and how they meshed together.

What I Didn’t Like

Mainly the plot and the characters. If some things were written slightly different, it could have been a good story. But alas, this novel was not for me.

This author was completely new to me, have you read her before? Have you read this novel before?

XO Nicole



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