Book Review: About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk

About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk is a fun and light chick lit read. I received this book in one of my June 2016 book boxes. I actually have never heard of this book and only the author in passing.

Because of that, I had no high expectations for this novel. After finishing the novel, I checked other reviews on Goodreads and found mixed opinions and ratings, from 1 star to 5 stars. However, the majority of reviewers rated 3 stars or higher.

I gave it 3 stars simply because I was in the middle. I was entertained and found it fairly easy to read through to the end, but I did not find it amazing or necessarily recommendation worthy.

The Plot

This story, like many chick lit and rom com stories, is simply about a girl who goes through an obstacle or hitch in their ‘plan’ and decides to do something absolutely unlike them. In our main character Tess Brookes’ situation, she finds herself laid off and herabout-a-girl friendship with her best friend, who she deems the love of her life, on the rocks. While wallowing away in her apartment, her out of character decision is answering her roommate from hell’s phone (on accident, if I remember correctly) and impersonating said roommate and accepting a photography job. In Hawaii.

Cue mild humorous situations and a distractingly handsome journalist all while she suddenly discovers herself.

The formula is nothing new or all that exciting. What is new, is that we’re left with a slight cliffhanger or just a really vague ending. I didn’t love that, but it she did write a sequel.

The Characters

Tess Brookes is a little whiney for me, at least in the beginning. She does improve, I will give her that. So, I like that she grew as a character; growing more confident and into herself. However, I found it hard to believe that she’s totally okay with just throwing her rigid and perfectionist lifestyle and doing things to just going with the flow in Hawaii.

The journalist, Nick Miller, is exactly as he presents himself as. He’s sleeps with a lot of women in various cities and doesn’t hide that. It does seem that he starts to grow attached to Tess or at least enjoys her company more than most of the other women he’s slept with.

Charlie Harris, Tess’ best friend and ‘love of her life’ is almost the opposite of Nick Miller. He’s super sweet, attractive, and seems to be a great friend. But he also sleeps around and is absolutely clueless to Tess’ feelings, even though she doesn’t really make it that obvious. At least until she jumps his bones after a night of drinking.

All the other secondary characters seem well written and serve their purpose of adding side scenes and extra conversation.

The Writing

Kelk’s writing was only okay. Not horrible, but not amazing either. I got a pretty good picture in my head as the story went on, but it wasn’t her writing that really had me engrossed. I probably won’t be picking up the sequel.

Have you read this novel? What did you think?


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