My Gemini Horoscope: October

This horoscope was inspired by the horoscope emails that I get from I know, it sounds weird, but it’s this new thing that the store is doing. And considering that I love to indulge in my horoscope, I jumped into reading mine for October.

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to talk about Loft’s was the particular part about my work life. As you may know, I have talked a lot about me wanting to move out of California to somewhere new and with that, find a new job/ career path.

I know that I can’t put a lot of stock into horoscopes, but this one gave me some hope:


One of the best things about October is that it’s not September after the last four weeks, you’re more than ready for something completely different, and that’s exactly what this sweet month will deliver. First of all, you’re experiencing a great vibe straight from the start, thanks to an abundance of planets in air signs – that puts you in your own element quite literally. Romance and creativity are on hight for the first three weeks of the month, and there is a major peak at the Full Moon not he 16th. You’re super social at this pivotal moment, but at the same time, there could be some kind of fallout with a friend or a group of friends. Try to avoid Facebook arguments (especially about politics) around three days before and after the Full Moon. There’s a New Moon the day before halloween, but there’s nothing scary about all the fresh opportunities it will bestow on you – especially in your work life. If you’ve wanted dos shift into a new positions at you current company or move to a completely new line of work, this is the moment to plant those seeds and send out those resumes. Within six months, with the right follow-up, you might have al you want (and much more).

Let’s hope this is right, because I could really use some luck in my work life! Everything else I can take or leave 🙂

Are you a Gemini too? How does this apply for you? 

XO Nicole






4 thoughts on “My Gemini Horoscope: October

  1. Lol I didn’t know they did horoscopes. That’s pretty cool though and I hope things work out for you.
    I just went to the website to try it and it says something about positive development in my career–a raise or promotion, which I suspected would happen so fingers crossed.

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